Welcome to train Taido!

University Taido Club (Yliopiston Taido) offers Taido trainings several times a week at UniDojo in Töölö, Helsinki (address: Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 25).

What is Taido?

Taido is a wide ranging and dynamic martial art. Use of the whole body and its different axis are in the core of Taido. Different three dimensional ways of movement including acrobatic cartwheels and somersaults provide both attack and defense techniques with speed and strength. Taido is a challenging but rewarding and fun hobby.

How to get started

Taido Core courses for beginners start approximately every 5th week at UniDojo. You do not need to register to start training, just check the next starting date and come to the training.

In the Taido Core course you will learn:

  • principles of Taido techniques including punches, kicks and defence

  • basics of Taido movement and stances

  • fitness and condition

  • coordination, balance and agility

The only necessary equipment to start training is comfortable exercise clothing. Sports shoes are not required as trainings are conducted indoors in barefeet. Wash your feet before training and leave all jewellery and your watch to the locker room. Please bring sandals, socks, or similar to keep your feet clean when going from the locker rooms to the dojo.

The Taido Core course is divided in three parts which concentrate on basics of Taido: basic techniques, movement and creativity. Each part lasts for approximately one month (9 training sessions), and you start with any of them. After you have trained for 3 months (25 training sessions) you can take a skills examination and continue your training with the Taido Skills trainings, where you will start learning the form (hokei) and sparring exercise (kobo) for your first belt examination. You can take the first belt examination after you have trained a minimum of 8 months.  

Training times and costs

Taido Core starting times in autumn 2017:

  • Monday 18th of September at 20:30
  • Monday 23rd of October at 20:30
  • Monday 27th of November at 20:30

Trainings are on Mondays at 20:30-22:00 and on Wednesdays at 19-20:30 (1st September - 31st December).

The Taido Core course costs 30 euros for students and 60 euros for others (incl. 4 months of training and the membership fee of Yliopiston Taido). You also need to buy a license and insurance (if you need one): we recommend the license for adults (Aikuisten lisenssi) 25 eur and insurance for non-competitors (Aikuisten harrastajavakuutus) 47 eur (if you do not have your own insurance that covers martial arts related injuries) for the people starting Taido Core in the autumn semester, because those are valid for the whole license period (until 31st July 2018). The minimum requirement is to get the course lisence (Kurssilisenssi) 20 eur and the couse insurance (Kurssivakuutus) 24 eur (if you do not have your own insurance that covers martial arts related injuries), which are valid for 6 months from the purchase date. All necessary payment info is given by email after the membership registration!


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20:30 - 22:00 (Core & Skills)
19:00 - 20:30 (Core & Skills)
12:30 - 14:00 (vapaa)
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